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Library Liaisons to Academic Programs

Academic Program Library Liaisons

Each academic program has Library staff members assigned to help students and faculty find books, retrieve articles, and effectively search and manage information resources. Your Liaison is your first line of contact with the library and will help you navigate its many resources. Contact your Liaison whenever you have questions about resources, library policies, or instruction.

The following list identifies the Liaisons for each program. If you have suggestions for new guides or changes to old ones, please contact your Liaison. Whenever you need anything do not hesitate to ask. Your Liaisons look forward to working with you throughout your course of study at PCOM.

Biomedical Sciences
PA: PJ Grier,, 215-871-6486
GA: Meghan DiRito,, 678-225-7545
Skye Bickett,, 678-225-7541

DO - Osteopathic Medicine
PA: Julia Lewis,, 215-871-6466
Stephanie Ferretti,, 215-871-6475
GA: Erica Rosalle,, 678-225-7542
Meghan Di Rito,, 678-225-7545

Forensic Medicine
Stephanie Ferretti,, 215-871-6475

Graduate Medical Education
PA: Stephanie Ferretti,, 215-871-6475
Julia Lewis,, 215-871-6466

Organizational Development & Leadership
PA: Stephanie Ferretti,, 215-871-6475
GA: Meghan Di Rito,, 678-225-7545
Erica Rosalle,, 678-225-7542

Skye Bickett,, 678-225-7541
Richard Saldivar,, 678-225-7544

Physician Assistant Studies
PA:Stephanie Ferretti,, 215-871-6475

GA: Skye Bickett,, 678-225-7541
Richard Saldivar,, 678-225-7544

Stephanie Ferretti,, 215-871-6475
Randy Blackwell,, 215-871-6481

Evenings and Weekends at Philadelphia

Syetta Berkley, Library Assistant - 215-871-6470

Nea Hargrove, Technical Services Assistant - 215-871-6470

Susan Tom, Library Specialist - 215-871-6470

Evenings and Weekends at Georgia

Audrey Aiken, Library Assistant - 678-225-7543

Meghan Di Rito, Library Assistant - 678-225-7545

Philadelphia Liaisons

Randall Blackwell

Philadelphia Campus

Stephanie Ferretti

Forensic Med, Physician Assistant, Psychology, GME
Philadelphia Campus

PJ Grier

Biomedical Sciences
Philadelphia Campus

Mitzi Killeen

Alumni, Archives
Philadelphia Campus

Julia Lewis

DO, Mobile, GME
Philadelphia Campus

Georgia Liaisons

Skye Bickett

Georgia Campus

Meghan Di Rito

Georgia Campus

Erica Rosalle

Georgia Campus

Richard Saldivar

Georgia Campus