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This guide will help you find resources related to pharmacotherapy at the point of care.

Drug Information

Type of Question

Adverse drug reactions
Preferred Source: Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs
Secondary Resource(s): AHFS Drug Information
Current research, primary literature
Preferred Source: PubMed@PCOM
Secondary Resource(s): MEDLINE@OVID
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
Drug-drug interaction
Drug-food interaction
Disease information
Preferred Source: DynaMed Plus
Secondary Resource(s): AccessMedicine
Equivalent products
Foreign Drugs
Geriatric dosing
Preferred Source: Geriatric Dosage Handbook
Preferred Source: Dynamed Plus
Secondary Resource(s): National Guidelines Clearinghouse
IV Compatibility
Preferred Source: Handbook on Injectable Drugs
Secondary Resource(s): Clinical Pharmacology
Off-label use
OTC medications
Preferred Source: Handbook of Non-Prescription Drugs
Secondary Resource(s): Facts & Comparisons
Package inserts
Preferred Source: Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR)
Secondary Resource(s): Red Book (via Micromedex)
Product or manufacturer website
Patient counseling points
Preferred Source: Handbook of Non-Prescription Drugs
Secondary Resource(s): AHFS Drug Information
Pediatric dosing
Pediatric dosing, injectable
Pharmaceutics / Pharmacokinetics
Physical / Chemical properties
Preferred Source: Merck Index
Poisoning, Toxicology
Policy Recommendations from official groups
Preferred Source: AHFS Drug Information
Pregnancy and Lactation
Preferred Source: LactMed
Secondary Resource(s): Micromedex
Preferred Source: Red Book (via Micromedex)
Stability & compatibility


Information or Type of Use Database

Contraindications, dosing, dosage forms, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, pill ID

Clinical Pharmacology

Black Box warnings Black Box RX
Audio pronunciation, calculators, pharmacogenomics, international brand names, drug and herbal interaction analysis, patient education Lexi-Comp Online
Contraindications, dosing, pill ID Micromedex

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