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Hold & Call Slip Instructions

What they are, and how to use them.

Call Slips - Request items that are on the shelf

What is a call slip?

A call slip is a request by a library patron for a book to be held for a certain amount of time until it can be picked up. If you see a title in the library catalog that you would like to check out and it has a status of "Not Charged" or "Available", you may request that circulation staff pull the book from the shelf and reserve it for you to pick up. Call slip requests are a self-service option available through the library catalog; you do not have to be on campus to place a call slip request.

How do I place a call slip request?

Search the catalog for a book you want. Make sure the item status is "Not Charged".

On the right hand side bar click Make a Request. You will be taken to a screen where you can log in using your PCOM Library ID (the 5 digit number on the back of your ID card  01234 just add 4 zeros in front of that number - 000001234) and your last name.

After logging in, choose Callslip.

In the dropdown menu on the following screen, choose the item you wish to place a call slip request for. Items in the Reference and Reserve collections are NOT eligible for call slip requests. When choosing, make sure that the item you select is on the same campus you attend.

Next, fill in your LIB# again and click "Submit" or "Cancel." After the request is reviewed by staff, you will receive an email letting you know that your request was either filled or unfilled, and the reason.

Books are available for 2 days from the date of your request, after which the items will be released back into circulation.