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Faculty Resources

This guide provides documentation that will help faculty utilize select library resources for instruction.

Create and Share Study Plans

The PCOM Library the complete Medical School Bundle, which includes modules such as:

Draw it to Know it allows instructors to create and share custom study plans. First, you must create an account and be in logged in. If you do not have instructor access, please email the Library. Those with instructor access will see an option for Institutional Analytics in the toolbar.

  1. Select Create a new study plan
  2. Name your study plan, select "Share with Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine users" and then click "Select Tutorials"
  3. Add or remove your desired subjects or units and then click "Create Study Plan."
  4. After clicking "Create Study Plan" you will be redirected to your study plan. Click on either "Switch Study Plan" or on the name of the newly created study plan. Here you can find the persistent url for sharing your Study Plan. Please note that students must have previously registered for an account in order to access personalized study plans.

Generate OpenAthens Link for Access

The PCOM Library uses Open Athens to allows users to access licensed resources through a single sign-on prompt. Users accessing a resource will see the PCOM Network Login challenge. For the authentication to work, the URLs for our resources need to have a line of text preceding it called a proxy. 

It often looks like this:

If you have a URL for a book, chapter, or journal article you need to be proxied for Open Athens, by dropping it below in the “Enter Unproxied URL” prompt. 

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