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What Are Loan Servicers?

When borrowing federal student Direct loans, your lender is the United States federal government. Instead of working directly with the federal government to repay your loans, the federal government chooses a company known as a loan servicer (or just servicer) to handle the billing and provide customer service for your federal student loans.

We strongly encourage you to establish your online account with your loan servicer shortly after you receive your first refund.

  • You do not select your federal Direct Stafford or federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan servicer. The U.S. Department of Education assigns your federal student loan to a loan servicing company after your loan's first disbursement.
  • The federal government has chosen many companies to act as loan servicers for federal student loans. View the complete list to the right under "Spotlight on Loan Servicers".
  • If you have questions about your loan for the current or upcoming school year, contact the PCOM Financial Aid Office.
  • If you have questions about a loan from a past school year, contact your loan servicer.

How to Find your Federal Direct Loan Servicer

The NSLDS website displays all federal student loans (Stafford, PLUS, or Perkins) borrowed while in undergraduate, graduate, and professional school. More importantly, it provides the student with the name of the loan servicer for those federal student loans.

It is the government's goal to assign all your federal student loans to one servicer. However, it is still possible to have multiple loan servicers. Make sure to review each of your loans in NSLDS to identify all potential loan servicers.

Create an account on each of your loan servicers' websites in order to keep track of your loans and receive up-to-date information.

PCOM's Loan Servicer

The federal government does NOT assign a loan servicer to the following loans:

Federal Perkins Loan PCOM Alumni Association Loan
Loan for Disadvantaged Students Primary Care Loan

Instead, it is PCOM's responsibility to select a loan servicer for these loans. PCOM has chosen ECSI as its third party loan servicing company. If you were awarded any of the above loans during your time at PCOM, please be sure to visit ECSI's website to create your account while you are in school. By creating an account, you will be able to monitor your loan balance, interest accrued, and all other important information about your loans.

Spotlight on Servicers' Websites

Although you are assigned one (or more) federal loan servicers, you can view any servicer's website for information. We have found that many of the servicers feature useful tools and information on their websites. The PCOM financial aid staff has reviewed several federal loan servicers' websites so that you might benefit from their resources and information. Below we identify the educational strength of their websites:

- Helpful Manage Your Loans section
Aspire Resources Inc
- Simple, concise website
- Easy-to-read sample bill
- Top 10 Things You Should Know

- Helpful explanations of repayment plans, deferment, etc.
- Extensive Personal Finance section
- Free financial resources including brochures, newsletters, podcasts, etc.
Direct Loan Servicing Center
- Simple, concise website
EdFinancial Services
- Extensive Direct Loan FAQs
- Extensive Direct Loan Transfer FAQs
- Complete list of Direct Loan Forms
- Q&A section on a variety of student loan topics
FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)
- Excellent website
- Benefits of Paying Ahead
- Helpful calculators
Granite State Management and Resources
- Manage Your Financial Life section
- Monthly webinars on a variety of financial aid topics
- Comprehensive resource of calculators
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.
- Extensive Knowledge Center with information on budgeting, repayment, loan management, credit, etc.
- 10 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Loan
- Sign up for a live webcast or watch on-demand
- Simple, concise website
- Forbearance Information
- Excellent website
- LoanAssist App to help manage Nelnet loans via mobile devices
- Comprehensive Financial Literacy section
- Stages of Student Loan outlines your loan's lifecycle
OSLA Servicing
- Useful deferment information
- Useful forbearance information
Sallie Mae
- 10 Tips for Repaying Your Student Loans
- Helpful Choosing a Bank section
- Summary of Borrower Responsibilities
- Information regarding loan consolidation
- Helpful Glossary of Education Loan Terms