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F.I.T.T. Program

Financial Information for Today and Tomorrow

The $100 Challenge

$100 Now$1,800 Later

If you reduce your monthly spending by $100 for a year, you save nearly $1,800 during repayment.

  1. Make a commitment to reduce your monthy expenses by $100 over 12 months.
  2. For most students, this would reduce your Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan borrowing by $1,200 for the year.
  3. This not only saves you $1,200 from not borrowing, but you also save an additional $587 in fees and interest during a 10-year repayment.
  4. That's almost $1,800 total saved!
Reduce your monthly expenses by $100 for a year
Nearly $1,800 saved during repayment
Can you save $200 less per month? How about $300 or even $400? The amount saved during repayment only increases

* Assumed borrowing from the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan
* The Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan currently has a 7.9% fixed interest rate
* Assumed repayment under the standard 10-year repayment plan
  • Visit our Ways to Save webpage to learn how PCOM students are living frugally and saving money.
  • Understand your Cost of Attendance and visit our Budgeting page for tools and resources on how to help plan your expenses.
  • If you have already accepted your loans, please contact our office to request that they be reduced. Remember you can always adjust your loan amounts (PLUS, Stafford, private, etc.) anytime during the school year up to two weeks prior to your last date of attendance.

Poll: Have you Taken The Challenge?

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Have you committed to take The $100 Challenge? Let us know about your commitment in the poll below.

How much have you committed to reduce your monthly expenses by?

Poll: Have you Taken The Challenge?
$100: 17 votes (68%)
$200: 4 votes (16%)
$300: 3 votes (12%)
$400+: 1 votes (4%)
Total Votes: 25

PCOM Endowed & External Scholarships

Below is a listing of endowed & external scholarships applicable to medical and graduate students at PCOM. Note that the scholarship information listed in this document is for the 2012-2013 school year. Updated information for external scholarships can be found at the listed websites.

Savings Over Time Calculator

Saving small amounts money over a short period of time can result in substantial savings in the future. Take some time to run the numbers yourself to see the impact of savings over time with this Benefit of Spending Less Calculator:

The Big 3

Often times when students consider saving money, they immediately think about small expenses. Instead, it is worth noting that cutting one major expense could save the student a great deal of pain in cutting their budget in other places. We would encourage students to review these top three expenses incurred by most students:


Find Roommates
Split the cost of your rent and utility expenses by half or more by living with roommate(s). The Office of Student Affairs provides resources for PCOM students to find roommates through Nucleus.

Don't Limit Yourself to Apartment Complexes
Private landlords often offer affordable alternatives and many PCOM students have been pleased with their experiences with area landlords. You can find the best listings of local private landlords through the PCOM Student Housing Group on Nucleus.

2.) FOOD

Lists, Menus, and Budgets
Plan a weekly dinner menu to figure out what your major meals will be. Always shop with a grocery list and stick to the list and your budget. Also, eat a snack or meal before going grocery shopping to avoid impulse buying on an empty stomach.

Cook in Bulk for Lunch Leftovers
Double or triple the serving size of your dinner cooking. Then refrigerate or freeze the leftovers to have lunch to bring to school or work for the rest of the week.

Other Grocery Tips
Buy frozen fruits and vegetables to save money. Try store brands over name brands. Keep an eye on the register as you are checking out.

Read more ways to save on your grocery shopping: - Cut Your Grocery Bill
MSN Money - 30 Ways to Save on Food


Re-Shop Your Car Insurance
Rates vary widely from insurer to insurer. Use a comparison site to help find the best deal. Shopping around is especially important for young adults because rates usually drop as you approach age 25, build a credit rating, start a career, and get married.

Bus, Bike, or Walk
If you live closeby to your PCOM campus, consider using public transportation, biking, or even walking in fair weather. If you are taking a trip to the city, consider public transportation instead of driving and parking.

Philadelphia, PA - Public Transportation - SEPTA

Gwinnett County, GA - Public Transportation


Take The $100 Challenge. Discuss how you are saving money with other PCOM students. Find resources on how you can save money on housing, food, and transportation.