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Organizational Development & Leadership: Welcome

Getting Started with Information Research

This guide will introduce you to PCOM Library resources and services for your assignments and research projects in Organizational Development & Leadership. These are just a sample of the resources currently available online. New websites appear frequently, and existing websites often add to or enrich their content.

Many students routinely rely on Wikipedia and other unvetted (unexamined, unevaluated) web sites for information. This guide was developed at faculty request because, "Wikipedia doesn't cut it anymore." 

Research expertise requires an understanding of:

  • the different types of information available to you: what are primary, secondary, and tertiary literature
  • appropriate selection of information resources
  • database search skills
  • critical review skills
  • research management skills  

OneSearch+ simultaneously searches multiple databases and the PCOM catalog. Use it to find a variety of literature from a wide array of sources.  It is a discovery tool that mines information in databases you do not routinely search. Robust metadata assures targeted, relevant search results, an improvement over earlier discovery tools. Pre-indexing assures faster retrieval. A mobile interface provides the growing number of smart phone users with easy access.

Additional guides that may be of interest to you are the Plagiarism Guide, and  the Authors Guide.

RefWorks Research Management Tool

RefWorks logo

RefWorks makes it easy to save and format citations. You can directly export citations from a database search to your account, store an unlimited number of citations in an unlimited number of subject folders, and create bibliographies in hundreds of formats. Register for a personal accounts at the login screen.

Using web sites? A single right-click adds RefGrab-It to your bookmarks. RG-I captures and imports web site information for appropriate referencing.

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