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Physician Assistant

Getting Started

The purpose of this guide is to highlight specialized Physician Assistant information resources. It provides links to core books, databases, and websites.  

  • OneSearch+ simultaneously searches multiple databases and the PCOM catalog. Use it to find a variety of literature types (articles, evidence, guidelines, syntheses) from a wide array of sources. It is a discovery tool that mines information in databases you do not routinely search. Robust metadata assures targeted, relevant search results, an improvement over earlier discovery tools. Pre-indexing assures faster retrieval. A mobile interface provides the growing number of smart phone users with easy access.
  • Journal Locator+links to over 10,000 licensed electronic journals. You can search by keyword, title, subject, publisher, or collection.

  • Full Text Finder links from a reference in a database to the full text article in any licensed collection. Look for the database specific link to full text, for example:  full text finder logo in PubMed, OneSearch and other EBSCOhost databases (Academic Search, AltMed, IPA, PsycINFO, etc.)

The interests and information needs of Physician Assistant faculty and students are broad and interdisciplinary. Users are urged to take advantage of the library web site’s powerful search and navigation tools.

Users are therefore also directed to the following Library Subject Guides:

New Digital Commons PA Papers


Library Liaisons

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