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Physician Assistant

This guide will help you find resources related to the Physician Assistant program.

Project Assignment

Find 3 or more studies on your topic: at least 2 must be Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). ALL must be some type of primary research study (case, cohort, etc.) You cannot use a topic if there is a Cochrane systematic review or meta-analysis unless your studies were published after the existing review.

P patient problem, population, or situation

I intervention, including an exposure, a diagnostic test, a prognostic factor, a treatment, a patient perception, and so forth.

C comparison intervention or exposure (also defined very broadly), if relevant.

O outcome(s) of interest, including a time horizon, if relevant.


Evidence Based Medicine Databases

Synthesized resources are a specialized form of secondary literature and focus on critical appraisal of a number of primary resources. They most commonly address clinical topics and appear as systematic reviews, meta-analyses, clinical practice guidelines, critically appraised topics, or decision analysis.

Dynamed, Clinical Evidence, and UpToDate are synthesized EBM tools and can not be used for this project.

Core Drug Databases

Evidence Updates

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