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Drugs at Point-of-Care

This guide will help you find resources related to pharmacotherapy at the point of care.

Drug Information

Type of Question

Adverse drug reactions
Preferred Source: Meyler’s Side Effects of Drugs
Secondary Resource(s): AHFS Drug Information
Current research, primary literature
Preferred Source: PubMed@PCOM
Secondary Resource(s): Embase
Drug-drug interaction
Preferred Source: Stockley's drug interactions
Secondary Resource(s): Lexicomp
Drug Interaction Facts
Drug-food interaction
Disease information
Preferred Source: DynaMed
Secondary Resource(s): AccessMedicine
Geriatric dosing
Preferred Source: Fundamentals of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy
Secondary Resource(s): Lexicomp
International Drugs
IV Compatibility
Preferred Source: Handbook on Injectable Drugs
Secondary Resource(s): Clinical Pharmacology
Natural products
Preferred Source: Natural Medicines
Package inserts
Preferred Source: DailyMed
Secondary Resource(s): Product or manufacturer website
Pediatric dosing
Preferred Source: Pediatric Dosage Handbook
Secondary Resource(s): Lexicomp
Pharmaceutics / Pharmacokinetics
Physical / Chemical properties
Preferred Source: Merck Index
Secondary Resource(s): PubChem
Policy Recommendations
Preferred Source: AHFS Drug Information
Pregnancy and Lactation
Preferred Source: Drugs in pregnancy and lactation
Secondary Resource(s): LactMed
Preferred Source: Red Book (via Micromedex)
Stability & compatibility
Preferred Source: Poisoning and toxicology handbook
Secondary Resource(s): Lexicomp

Tertiary Drug Databases/Compendia

Information or Type of Use Database

Contraindications, dosing, dosage forms, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, pill ID

Clinical Pharmacology

Black Box warnings Black Box RX
Off-label uses, audio pronunciation, calculators, pharmacogenomics, international brand names, drug and herbal interaction analysis, patient education, pill identifier Lexicomp
Contraindications, dosing, pill ID Micromedex

Guide Information

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2022 7:18 PM