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REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online databases and surveys.

REDCap Tutorial Videos

PCOM faculty, staff, and residents can request a REDCap account by watching the REDCap tutorials. After full completing the tutorials, a REDCap administrator will create an account linked to your PCOM email credentials. If you are a student or are not a member of PCOM, we will first contact your PCOM sponsor to verify your status. To log in to REDCap, use the credentials sent to you by a RedCap administrator. You may change your password at any time.

PCOM students may gain access to REDCap through a PCOM faculty sponsor. 

REDCap Tutorial 1: Background Information

REDCap Tutorial 2: REDCap Login and Project Creation

REDCap Tutorial Video 3: Project Setup Page

REDCap Tutorial Video 4: Online Designer

REDCap Tutorial Video 5: Data Entry

REDCap Tutorial Video 6: Online Designer Advanced Features

REDCap Tutorial Video 7: Surveys

REDCap Tutorial Video 8: Managing Survey Responses

REDCap Tutorial Video 9: Longitudinal Projects

REDCap Tutorial Video 10: Reports and Exports

REDCap Tutorial Video 11: Advanced Features