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Virtual Access - Accessing Articles

This guide will help you gain access to all of PCOM Library's virtual resources.


OneSearch+ has multiple ways to open articles.

  1. Clicking on LibKey Instant PDF will immediately open the PDF. undefined
  2. Clicking on the blue PCOM Full-Text  box () takes you to the publisher's site, from which you can click on the PDF hyperlink circled in red, or if using the LibKey Nomad add-on, the "Download PDF" box, circled in blue. 



Some databases, such as PubMed have PCOM-specific full text links. Click on the blue button "PCOM Full-Text" boxes to obtain access to an article.


If we do not have access to an article, you will be redirected to an interlibrary loan request page (ILL). For more information on ILL, please see our ILL page

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another resource available on the PCOM Library homepage that be used to search for scholarly articles. 

If you type in a search term, you will notice that links to either a PDF full-text or the article on a PCOM-linked database will appear on the right. 



Notice that if you either click on the result itself, or the circled links to the right, the article will show a LibKey Nomad Icon - this can be clicked on to access the PDF (Note: you must first download Libkey Nomad for this option. See LibKey Nomad for more information).

The article may also provide other PDF options.


Interlibrary Loans

If you encounter the following image, PCOM does not have direct access to this article. If you would like a copy of the article, please click where it says 'Request this item through interlibrary loan.' You can also access an interlibrary loan (ILL) form at any time here.


If you encounter any broken links (for example, if clicking on the PCOM Full-Text button gives you an error message or refuses to open), you can click the 'Broken Link' option. You can also access our Broken Link form at any time from this guide.

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Last Updated: May 8, 2024 10:53 AM