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Alumni Portal

This guide will help you find resources for PCOM Alumni.

The Elusive Full Text Article

Clinicians and researchers are frustrated when they can't get full text articles. Unfortunately, most publishers' license agreements contain narrow definitions of "authorized users" that exclude alumni.

Like other libraries, the PCOM Library must restrict access to licensed content to current students, faculty, and employees.

The good news is that there is a large and growing body of high quality "open access" literature. Open access is precisely that: access is open to everyone without subscription fees or licensing.

This page identifies sources for high-quality full text. Take a look at the Top Clinical Titles - they are among the most highly cited and open access.

Top Clinical Titles

The Free Medical Journals site links to many core clinical titles. Many offer automatic table-of-content e-mail alerts. Caveat: not all content is free and some sites require registration.

Full-Text Journals