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Clinical Educators and Volunteer Faculty - General Information

Select resources for volunteer faculty.

Library Access

Thank you for volunteering your time and providing such great educational experiences for our students. As you know, your commitment is extremely important to the success of our students as they continue to learn in the clinical setting. PCOM Clinical Educator and Volunteer Faculty at PCOM can request access to PCOM library resources. For access to these available resources, you require a formal PCOM faculty appointment; please contact Nicole Dillard, Provost Office, for information about obtaining a PCOM faculty appointment. If you already have a formal PCOM faculty appointment, please start the request using the online Library Access Request Form.

Once approved, you will have access e-resources licensed by the PCOM Library and may be used for noncommercial education purposes only.

Additional restrictions may also apply to some electronic resources. For example,UpToDate, Micromedex, and most licensing examination board review resources are not licensed for use by Clinical Educator and Volunteer Faculty.

As part of the process, Clinical Educator and Volunteer Faculty will also receive a PCOM email address. Please refer to Access Instructions for details on accessing your email and library resources.

Usage Guidelines

Electronic resources provided by the Library are governed by license agreements with publishers and vendors which contain the following user responsibilities and access restrictions:

  1. Sharing access is forbidden. Your Digital Library account is for your personal use only. You may not share your ID and password with anyone or allow third parties (e.g. your practice, clinic, health care center, hospital, etc.) to use or benefit from articles or information you obtain from PCOM Library electronic books, journals, or databases.
  2. You may not redistribute or resell content, in electronic or any other form.
  3. You may not reproduce, electronically or otherwise, material beyond that permitted under Section 107 and 108 of the U.S. copyright law, which legally define fair use of copyrighted articles and content. 
  4. Downloading excessive portions of databases or electronic journals is prohibited.
  5. Posting downloaded material on a website or to an email list is prohibited.
  6. Use of material for commercial purposes is prohibited.
  7. Material may not be modified or altered; publishers' copyright statements and logos may not be removed.

If you have any questions about your intended use of electronic material, please review licensing agreements posted on individual sites or contact the Library.

Guide Information

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2024 10:37 AM